October 23rd, 2014




Hello there!

onlayforlu's first fanfiction exchange has finally ended. Congratulations to everyone! It's been a long struggle to finish this event, but thanks to all our participants and pinch-hitters, we've finally completed the exchange successfully.

Also, we would like to thank the readers. Your enthusiastic responses were very welcomed. Your cheering and love are like melted chocolate fused in honey. Please feel free to leave more cheering for the fics by leaving comments and/or gifs.

A big round of hugs and fervent thanks goes to kojafras, seekingsugar, atharaigas, sardothien, ukexing, onyu and anonymous for stepping in to save the day when we hit some unexpected roadblocks. Especially atharaigas, who ended up writing 4 fics for us, including her assigned recipient.

And now, onto the individual mod notes!

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