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Hello there!

onlayforlu's first fanfiction exchange has finally ended. Congratulations to everyone! It's been a long struggle to finish this event, but thanks to all our participants and pinch-hitters, we've finally completed the exchange successfully.

Also, we would like to thank the readers. Your enthusiastic responses were very welcomed. Your cheering and love are like melted chocolate fused in honey. Please feel free to leave more cheering for the fics by leaving comments and/or gifs.

A big round of hugs and fervent thanks goes to kojafras, seekingsugar, atharaigas, sardothien, ukexing, onyu and anonymous for stepping in to save the day when we hit some unexpected roadblocks. Especially atharaigas, who ended up writing 4 fics for us, including her assigned recipient.

And now, onto the individual mod notes!


finally, we are here together at the finish line. /wipes a proud tear away :')

being the first exchange i'd ever run, i didn't expect it to be this much investment, but man does fandom really take it out of you LOL orz but you guys, with all your encouragements and tweets and retweets helping us out there and the kindness we've received from the other exchange mods, you really made it special for me. so, thanks. :')

to my beloved co-mod, without whom i probably would've self-destructed and taken this exchange down with me, thank you for being the calming presence i needed to keep moving forward. :') your experience with previous exchanges really helped, and your overall kindness to offer up your services to help me mod was a great gift indeed, esp during the times when i was literally too swamped by school/work obligations to take care of things. thank you so much for dealing with me and my flakiness :'''')

to you, my dear participants, i do hope the exchange was an enjoyable experience, and thank you for your hard work. with the departure of one half of our beloved pairing, i have doubts that we'll be able to continue the exchange for another round. but regardless of whether we continue or not, i hope you can continue supporting both zhang yixing and lu han in their future endeavors in whatever capacity it may be, exo member or not.

here's to all of you ♡
mod a (ventice)


We've finally come to the end of Onlayforlu exchange.
The process had been long, stressful and filled with last minute errors. Despite that, you are still here with us, celebrating the LayHan Brotp/Romance. Without everyone's help, including the writers, the readers and pinch-hitters, there wouldn't have been a need for Onlayforlu. So, thank you all for making this exchange happen.

ventice, it hadn't been easy with all the drama piling up and Real Life interfering, but I admit it had still been fun to pitch ideas and work together with you on this exchange. Thank you, bb, for creating the opportunity to gather this many layhan fans.

Mod C (tyreling)


We've prepared a little gift for our participants, including the pinch-hitters. Hope you like them.


◇ DAY ONE: October 7, 2014 ◇

(Would you want me) If I'm not myself ※ for juliella ※ BY yeolis (gift)
PG; 3491 words; bodyswap
He was Luhan last time he’d checked, but there is another Luhan in front of him.

dreams don't turn to dust ※ for seekingsugar ※ BY junfhongs (gift)
NC-17; 54161 words; non-linear storytelling, sudden shift in point of view, shaky world-building, a lot of side pairings, language
Scandal!AU. There is hope in Lu Han's eyes, and so Yixing believes. There is hope in Yixing's words, so Lu Han follows blindly.

Ten Steps Backwards ※ for yeolis ※ BY pinkjuliette (gift)
PG; 2143 words
There are a lot of things in Yixing’s life that are unattainable, and unfortunately, Lu Han’s heart is one of them (and likely the hardest).

◇ DAY TWO: October 8, 2014 ◇

Night like this
※ for EVERYONE ※ BY chansoos (gift)
PG; 3224 words; girl!Luhan/girl!Yixing
Chinese New Year is here and Luhan's sure that she doesn't want to be stuck at home.

The Yet Unbroken Pieces of My Heart ※ for brilliantdream ※ BY seekingsugar (gift)
PG-13; 4916 words
Lu Han has spent the past four years being EXO’s Lu Han. He’s not sure who he is outside the context of his group.

Do It Yourself: Project Prom ※ for endonucleases ※ BY teatimetaemint (gift)
PG-13; 4000 words
There are many reasons why prom night without your best friend sucks. This is just one of them.

◇ DAY THREE: October 9, 2014 ◇

Love Is
※ for junfhongs ※ BY seekingsugar (gift)
PG; 8832 words; fem Yixing, fem Lu Han
Life is not a fairy tale, and love alone is not enough to guarantee a happy ending. (Or, Lu Han and Yixing discover that you can have a wedding on a whim, but it takes a lot more to make a marriage.)

Like Flies in Amber ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY krishoislove (gift)
PG-13; 14164 words; major character death, graphic violence, mentioned infidelity, naked layhan snuggling (but no smut).
Luhan thinks that he's discovered the solution to his misery when he finds a copy of the Book of Necromancy in his library. Unfortunately, Kim Junmyeon gets in the way.

if you were a song (everyone would sing along with you) ※ for zhencheng ※ BY atharaigas (gift)
PG; 5079 words
college au, romance. Zhang Yixing, morning DJ, aspiring actual musician, desperately in need of caffeine.

◇ DAY FOUR: October 10, 2014 ◇

Sleepyhead ※ for kojafras ※ BY yolseo (gift)
PG-13; 5128 words
In which there are different lifetimes, and Lu Han would always end up finding the same guy passed out on a couch in each one.

circulatory ※ for atharaigas ※ BY designations (gift)
PG-13; 2370 words
They're going to make it to the top, one step at a time.

Like a Dream ※ for krishoislove ※ BY kojafras (gift)
G; 2031 words
Luhan finds a faerie circle and dances with a handsome stranger.

◇ DAY FIVE: October 11, 2014 ◇

eyes shut and fingers open ※ for chansoos ※ BY atharaigas (gift)
PG; 9576 words
On the eve of a major surgery, Yixing leaves Luhan’s eyes broken. [Alternatively: the people you meet in purgatorial limbo, a spectral odyssey.]

How to Conquer Your Personal Demons ※ for teatimetaemint ※ BY helaas (gift)
PG-13; 10297 words
Luhan is an average college student until a demon named Yixing falls out of the sky and into his life.

remember what your heart is actually for ※ for yolseo ※ BY zvarrii (gift)
PG; 3654 words
Yixing thinks about unimportant things during an important time. Alternatively: three times Lu Han asked Yixing to get married. Samumenco AU.

◇ DAY SIX: October 12, 2014 ◇

all the broken hearts in the world still beat ※ for ventice ※ BY juliella (gift)
pg; 2827 words; gross sappy feelings, abrupt ending
They've worked together as editor and author for nearly three years now, after Yixing walked into work on an early Tuesday morning to find 700 pages of a gay romance novel stacked on his desk, with "thought this was right up your alley" written on a sticky note in his boss Junmyeon's no nonsense handwriting.

Me Without You ※ for dustmetaphors ※ BY sara_evac (gift)
PG-13; 10,475 words; foul language
Luhan hadn't exactly been the ideal boyfriend. Just when he's finally gotten his life back together, it all seems meaningless, because he's already lost the most important person in his life, Yixing. There's no one to blame but himself, for Yixing has given him one chance too many. Or has he?

Beacons ※ for baoxing BY layhansfw (gift)
PG-13; 8300 words
A look into Luhan and Yixing's strong bond during trainee days, with lots of ups and downs, and maybe a handful of kisses.

◇ DAY SEVEN: October 13, 2014 ◇

Three's A Company ※ for torontok ※ BY kojafras (gift)
PG; 2021 words
Yixing finds a baby and Luhan learns a little more about his husband.

Home is where the heart is ※ for designations ※ BY baoxing (gift)
PG-13; 14021 words
When Yixing can't sleep, he turns to books. When he finds himself in new worlds, he notices one constant among all the differences. (Canon/Semi!AU)

speaking into the dust ※ for sara_evac ※ BY ukexing (gift)
R; 2191 words; lapslock; this is a choose not to warn experience; ambiguous ending with many unanswered questions.
there are two writers. one writes artistic poetry interlaced with the galaxies and the other writes melodic waves of music. this is their broken love story.

◇ DAY EIGHT: October 14, 2014 ◇

Fill this void in me ※ for pinkjuliette ※ BY brilliantdream (gift)
PG-13; 6323 words; character death
For the first time in his life Luhan is alone in his mind, no shared thoughts or feelings linging just beneath his own. Just an empty void where the warmth of his pack mate's shared consciousness had once been, where the his mate and pups had once been.

無常 (Impermanence) ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY bluedreaming (gift)
PG-13; 3800 words; mentions of insomnia and sleeping pills, minor character death
Lu Han and Yixing drift apart as their world falls over the edge.

For Our Benefit ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY dustmetaphors (gift)
5944 words; PG-13
Fake!Marriage AU (well it’s not that fake but shh). Luhan asks Yixing to move to America with him to avoid being a boring business heir. His co-worker Krystal tells him about marriage benefits, and Yixing is always up for whatever Luhan says.

◇ DAY NINE: October 15, 2014 ◇

i think you could save my life ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY zhencheng (gift)
PG; 14813 words
Lu Han comes to Yixing in a blur of words and all Yixing wants is to take him in.

sights to make you shiver ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY sardothien (gift)
PG; 7138 words
Lu Han's spent two years saving for a vacation where he could just get away, but he's surprised to find something that feels much like home.

Punchdrunk ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY setaxis (gift)
PG-13; ~13000 words; violence, internalised homophobia, swearing, homophobia, mildly unrealistic settings
Yixing has never really been a believer in ‘fairness’ – not unless you make it yourself. So that’s just what he’s doing. One fat, rich pig at a time. Then he finds a man beaten and left at the side of the road: a man who he brings into his home and eventually, his heart

◇ DAY TEN: October 16, 2014 ◇

déjà ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY endonucleases (gift)
R; 7091 words; sexual content, passing references to psychological addiction/withdrawal (to a fictional tech), kinda confusing/nonlinear time skips, some use of Chinese (hover for translations)
Lu Han is an assistant manager at small ExO branch, working to provide high quality experience simulations to any bored or needy soul. The last voice that Lu Han expects to hear when he calls up ExO's headquarters is the one belonging to his ex-best friend Yixing. There's a lot he wants to say, but somehow the words never come to him. Angst/drama with sprinkles of low sci-fi.

The Lucky Ones ※ for bluedreaming ※ BY torontok (gift)
PG-13; 7940 words; Implied sexual content, referenced homophobia
Runaways in love.

serve and protect ※ for zvarrii ※ BY anonymous (gift)
R; 6100 words
Yixing and Lu Han are tasked to head the investigation into the Gio’s Pizza Murder, and Yixing couldn’t be less thrilled to work with the biggest pain in the entire Precinct 99.

◇ DAY ELEVEN: October 19, 2014 ◇

don't be such a sourpuss ※ for EVERYONE ※ BY ventice (gift)
PG; 4002 words; poorly written fluff and inaccurate descriptions of allergies
domestic au. yixing brings home a cat; luhan is Displeased, to say the least. also allergic. Very Allergic.

we'll play hide and seek to turn this around ※ for layhansfw ※ BY onyu (gift)
NC-17; 6170 words; inaccurate canon events, mentions of injuries
Lu Han makes Yixing deviate from the dictionary definition of "friends" and asks for a handjob. Yixing traces the meaning right down to the root and finds more than what he has bargained for.

help me get where i belong ※ for  helaas ※ BY atharaigas (gift)
PG; 2036 words; incredible vagueness
When Lu Han can’t sleep, he climbs into Yixing’s bed.

random-chance selection ※ for setaxis ※ BY atharaigas (gift)
NC-17; 4466 words; brief angst, unhappy ending, porn that doesn’t feature layhan
A/B/O dystopia!au: in the year AF195, Lovecraft 708-53 has no chance for love.

Authors, feel free to crosspost to your livejournal/dreamwidth/other fic accounts. It's been wonderful working with you for the duration of this exchange. We are eternally grateful for your participation and support!

Again, thank you for the wonderful first time you've given us for the OLFL exchange.

Your Mods (A + C)
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