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RECIPIENT: zvarrii
TITLE: serve and protect
LENGTH: 6.1k
SUMMARY: Yixing and Lu Han are tasked to head the investigation into the Gio’s Pizza Murder, and Yixing couldn’t be less thrilled to work with the biggest pain in the entire Precinct 99.
FINAL NOTES: I’d like to thank, J, A, T, and L for helping me edit this, and thank you, dear recipient, for coming up with a br99 prompt! I did my best to capture the essence of brooklyn nine-nine, all inaccuracies of NYPD are my own.

9: 11 AM Precinct 99, Morning Debrief

“Okay, Zhang, status update on the tagger case,” Sergeant Lau asks Yixing, a smile twitching on his face. Yixing rolls his eyes, holding ice against his eye, while the room full of officers slowly erupts into laughter.

“Ha ha,” Yixing says tonelessly. “Yes, laugh at my injury. Suspect has been caught and—”

“I’m sorry, Officer Zhang,” the world’s most annoying voice interjects. “Caught by whom?”

Yixing looks over his shoulder and sighs heavily, “Caught by Detective Lu Han and—“

Lu Han jolts up, taking bow after obnoxious bow, as everyone claps for him. “Thank you, thank you.” He waves the applause away and straightens his tie. “Just another day on the job….just another check on the board.” Lu Han turns to Yixing, who is currently giving him the dirtiest look he can conjure up with one working eye, and offers him a marker. “Yixing, would you be a dear and do the honors?”

The crowd jeers as Yixing sighs and walks sullenly to the whiteboard holding the tally of their ongoing bet. Right now, it stood, Yixing: 23, and Lu Han: 24.

“One more, baby, one more,” Lu Han crows and high-fives Zitao, the precinct’s clerk. “And Zhang and Lu Han’s First Date is a go!”

“Settle down, settle down,” Sergeant Lau settles the crowd down and Yixing slumps back into his seat. “Finish the debrief, Officer Zhang.”

“The suspect has been caught by Officer Lu Han and has been booked,” Yixing finishes. Sergeant Lau nods and walks towards the television.

“Good work, gentlemen. Now onto the next case.” He turns on the TV and returns back to the podium. The TV screen flickers and the image of a dead body in a crime scene appears.

Yixing grimaces while Lu Han shouts, “Thank god, finally, a murder. Cases were drier than Yixing’s—”

Lau lifts up his hand. “Enough, Lu Han, we just got this case this morning. Victim was a Mr. James Giovanni; he was found dead by his mother inside their family’s pizzeria, Gio’s Pizza, owned by his father.”

“Gio’s?” Zitao asks with a pout. “That’s my favourite pizza place. Now I can’t go there without thinking about dead people.”

“Zitao,” Sergeant Lau says sternly but continues, “Mr. Giovanni was the only person who was at the pizzeria after hours, for inventory, and his mother found him the next morning. A witness says she saw a hooded person leaving the store at around 11PM while she was walking her dog, but unfortunately didn’t get a good look at their face. Crime tech’s already at the scene so let’s get on it people. Zhang, Lu Han, I’ll need you to head up the investigation.”

“Roger that, Serg,” Lu Han says with a lazy salute. Yixing gives him a one-eyed scathing look.

“Dismissed, gentlemen.”

11: 20 AM, Gio’s Pizza

“Did we really have to stop before heading to a crime scene so you could pick up a sandwich?” Yixing says with a sigh as he parks the car right outside the pizzeria where he can see the rest of the force filing in.

Lu Han takes this time to take a huge, disgusting bite out of his sandwich instead of responding to him.

“One, it’s not just a sandwich, it’s banh mi,” Lu Han corrects after he swallows, in that irritatingly patronizing voice he puts on whenever Yixing makes any sort of mistake. “And two, we’re heading into a pizzeria. I don’t want to risk an empty stomach distracting my focus.”

“I think you can do a good job at distracting yourself,” Yixing turns off the ignition, removes his seatbelt and picks up his suitcase smoothly with the ease of a pro.

Lu Han whistles, “Nice suede, new bag?”

“Hurry up and finish your sandwich, I’m heading inside,” Yixing slams the door shut before Lu Han can say anything else irritating. He straightens out his jacket and takes a deep breath, marching into the pizzeria with a cool head and a well-rehearsed smile.

The first thing he smells is garlic, followed by the heavy iron stench of blood. This was probably his hundredth crime scene, but he still can’t handle the smell. Yixing grimaces but does his best to hold it together. He is a professional after all.

He spots Jongdae, one of the CSIs, putting away notes into his shoulder bag, and walks over to him. “Hey, Jongdae,” he says in a strained voice like he had just gargled a jug of salt water.

“Hey, Xing, puked yet?” Jongdae greets, a shit-eating grin on his face.

Yixing rolls his eyes. “That happened five years ago, when are you going to let me forget it?”

“I dunno, you just looked so cute crumpled up in a corner, wailing and vomiting into a paper bag,” Jongdae grins and Yixing groans, pushing Jongdae slightly.

“You’re horrible,” Yixing says, smiling a little. Jongdae chuckles, and suddenly, a familiar, warm feeling runs through Yixing.

Yixing looks over to the crime scene, holding his hand over his nose, “So what does the situation look like?”

“One clean shot to the forehead, no traces of a struggle or a break-in,” Jongdae says casually, like he’s discussing what he had for dinner last night. “We’ll have the autopsy report ready in a few days, but I doubt we’ll find anything of use to your case. It seemed like your perp knew what he was doing.”

“So it wasn’t a crime of passion, it was premeditated?” Yixing asks.

Jongdae nods, “Definitely, the place is spotless too, no footprints even though it was raining. Zhou Mi is almost done with checking for hair and fingerprints, but I doubt he’d find anything. A tough one. I wish you luck, Xing.”

“Well, I love a hard case,” Yixing says, and Jongdae burst into laughter, shaking his head. “What?”

“You never knew how to flirt.” Jongdae fixes his glasses and continues, “I gotta go to talk my boss. It was nice talking to you, Xing.”

“Flirting?” Yixing says loudly, blushing furiously, and Jongdae walks off, laughing.

“Hard case, seriously?” Yixing prickles at the sound of Lu Han’s voice. “‘I love a hard case,’ is that the title of your next sex tape?”

“Shut up,” Yixing sighs resignedly, and then folds his arms. “You finish your banh mi?”

“Yep, and it was delicious,” Lu Han smacks his lips with his fingers and Yixing rolls his eyes, “So, what did that morgue junkie tell you about our dead body?”

“Please don’t call him a morgue junkie.”

“Fine, what did he tell you?”

“Clean shot, no sign of forced entry, the place is pretty much spotless, tough case,” Yixing says.

“Wow, a toughie,” Lu Han says, scratching his hair, “Let’s go talk to the family then, I guess?”

“Try and build our case through potential witnesses or suspects, all right,” Yixing nods and starts walking out of the pizzeria turned crime scene. “Maybe we should start with the family and that dog walker.”

“Fei’s tracking down the dog walker with Jia right now, so I guess we should start with the family?”

“When did she tell you that?” Yixing demands as he starts walking out.

“She called me through this little device I like to call a cell phone,” Lu Han laughs in his face. Yixing could see pieces of cilantro stuck to his teeth, gross. “Sarcasm, 10 points.”

“10 points for what?” Yixing narrows his eyes. “Is there another game that I don’t know about?”

Lu Han shrugs, “Life is a game, Officer Zhang.”

Lu Han and Yixing file out of the pizzeria. Yixing starts to speed-walk so he doesn’t have to be too close to Lu Han.

“Whatever,” Yixing says, sighing again. “The brownstone the family lives in should be two blocks from here.”

“Whoa, when did you get that information?” Lu Han asks while catching up to Yixing, and he gives Lu Han his best ‘are-you-shitting-me’ look.

“Well, while you too busy playing sober flip cup with Zitao, I asked a good friend of mine named Sergeant Lau.”

“Ouch, sarcasm from Yixing, negative ten points.” Yixing rolls his eyes.

“By the way, I think the crime lab nerd has a crush on you,” Lu Han mumbles and Yixing tries to sound confused.


“Never mind.”

6:00 PM, Precinct 99

“I can’t believe you offered your dirty napkin to the victim’s mother,” Yixing says, flashbacks pushing him to hold his head in shame in front of his keyboard.

They had just gotten back from talking with James Giovanni’s family, and were now sitting at Yixing’s desk and prepping the case file.

Lu Han shrugs, tapping his fingers against the desk. “I didn’t have a tissue and the mother was sobbing right in front of me. I get panicky when I’m near crying women.”

“Or any women,” Zitao says as he passes with a mug of something. As Zitao walks by, Yixing could smell a mix of hot chocolate and something against the precinct handbook.

Yixing opens his mouth to say something, but he ignores the moment, focusing on typing up Lu Han’s statements scrawled on a horrible excuse for a notepad.

“Where did you find this thin paper, the ink is bleeding right through,” Yixing flips through the notepad.

Lu Han throws his hands in the air. “You caught me, I’m cheap.”

“Next time, I’ll write the statements.” Yixing stops typing to reach over and grab his thermos of soup. He always misses lunch, opting instead to use that time on trucking through the beginnings of the case.

The start of a new case gives him a strange high, a high that helps him to get focused and ready to figure out everything, so he uses it to his advantage.

Yixing chugs the thermos and drops it quickly so he can get back to typing.

Yixing watches Lu Han twist his chair around from the corner of his eye. After ten minutes of flipping through CSI photos, Lu Han has resorted to spinning around his chair. Yixing is waiting for it to break.

“Do you ever eat anything besides condensed soup?” Lu Han asks a moment of pause from spinning. “I hardly ever see you eating real food.”

“Food slows me down,” Yixing answers and pushes his bangs away from his face to focus on the computer screen. “I eat proper meals at home.”

“Is that where you recharge your battery?” Yixing pauses and turns to Lu Han, who smiles innocently at him.

“Could you go and do something useful, like maybe ask the sergeant for information about the witness?” Yixing says, trying to not make it sound like he wants to get rid of him.

“Alright, Robocop,” Lu Han says, rolling his eyes. “You really should eat, you know, you’re looking a little pale. I could buy you something if you like.”

“I thought you wanted to win the bet before you asked me on a date.” Yixing intended to tease Lu Han, but he’s a little surprised to see Lu Han’s cheeks pinking.

“I was just being nice,” Lu Han mutters before he rushes away. Yixing watches him disappear around a corner in the opposite direction of the sergeant, whose desk is just a few feet away.

Yixing shakes his head.

“And the plot thickens,” Zitao says abruptly, startling Yixing. Zitao giggles when Yixing looks at him, holding his mug of suspicious cocoa while sitting with his legs propped up on his desk.

“Why do they pay you?” Yixing asks and Zitao laughs hysterically. Yixing returns back to typing.

2: 00 PM, Lu Han’s desk

“Why the hell did the dog walker just tell me that you already interrogated her? Solo?” Yixing shouts, slamming his hands on Lu Han’s desk.

Lu Han reaches over quickly to grab rubber bands off the table and clutches them to his heart, looking at Yixing in horror. “You’re going to ruin my rubber band ball, how dare you.”

“Cut the crap!” Yixing shouts. Lu Han jumps, a little.

“Yixing, bro, didn’t we have a talk about high blood pressure amongst Asian men under—”

“Why the fuck are you trying to undermine me on our case?” Yixing seethes. He’s this close to ripping off Lu Han’s hideous blonde curls one by one. “We’re supposed to be working together on the case!”

Lu Han shrugs. “You seemed pretty preoccupied with heading to the crime lab and your boyfriend. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Boyfriend—” Yixing takes a breath, placing his hands on hips incredulously. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Lu Han snorts and pushes himself back against his chair. “You can’t be that serious—the short guy, the smartass CSI with the glasses—you’re telling me he’s not your boyfriend?”

Yixing’s face pinks and he shakes his head. “We only went on one date, but that’s besides the point! Why are you interrogating witnesses without me?”

Lu Han shrugs. “You snooze, you lose.”

“You childish, inconsiderate—” Yixing makes a strangling motion towards Lu Han, who backs up and says, “Settle down, Xing buddy, I might have to file a harassment claim.”

“I’m telling Sergeant Lau,” Yixing threatens, turning around and stalking off in a huff.

“Look who’s the child now, running off to Daddy,” Lu Han laughs obnoxiously, spinning around in his chair. He starts fiddling around with his rubber bands when Zitao approaches him and pats him on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, he likes you too,” Zitao tells him.

Lu Han stammers, flustered, “W-what?”

“Cops.” Zitao shakes his head and saunters off, leaving Lu Han dumbfounded.

3:50 PM, Sergeant Lau’s desk

“I can’t work with him,” Yixing complains as he paces in circles around Sergeant Lau’s desk. “He doesn’t follow the rules, he doesn’t listen to me, and he’s not a team player! Why the hell is he even on this force?”

Sergeant Lau opens his mouth but Yixing continues, “I mean he’s always been this rude and obnoxious, but I’ve managed to ignore that because I admit he’s a good detective, but completely disregarding me when we’re supposed to be partners in this? I knew we have that stupid bet that I stupidly let myself do, but this is a case we were tasked to do together. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Yixing.” Sergeant Lau pauses to blow at a spoonful of noodle soup and looks up at him, with a frown, “I’m in the middle of lunch.”

“But Sarge—”

“Go settle your preschool rivalry on your own.” Sergeant Lau dismisses him, focusing on his soup. “I can’t roleplay your underpaid schoolteacher all the time. If you’re both still on track with the case, there’s not much that I can do, or think I should do. I’m a busy man.”

“Busy man, minimizing pictures of his twin daughters he’d just seen a few hours ago.”


Yixing huffs, “Okay, Sarge.”

10:00 AM, Simulation Center

Two weeks into the investigation of Gio’s Pizza Murder, their leads are getting staler by the day. Yixing has the older brother’s motive, but no evidence. That bastard had cleaned up the crime scene well, robbing Yixing of a direct link between him and the crime. He could try to arrest and force a confession out of him, but that’s a last resort.

“We still don’t know what he did with the gun,” Yixing says aloud.

Lu Han makes a cooing sound beside him. “Aww, are you talking to yourself?” Yixing doesn’t pay Lu Han any attention and rushes ahead to catch up with Sergeant Lau. “What, you’re still ignoring me? Seriously?”

Yixing doesn’t respond. He catches up with Sergeant Lau to ask him about his daughters, a topic he could take hours to talk about.

The force is at the simulation center to prep for the annual Inter-Precinct competition, where all precincts within the NYPD face off and perform a series of crises. The precinct with the fastest times wins a secret prize. Sergeant Lau is desperate to win, or place better than dead last this year, so he scheduled practices each week before the big day.

“Alright, team,” Sergeant Lau says while everyone gets suited up by the weapons station. “This exercise is going to be a hostage situation, with multiple assailants scattered in the building. The other precincts crushed us during this leg of the competition, mainly because someone had to make a call.”

“It was my mother,” Lu Han interjects. “She wanted to know if I was going to pick up her hemorrhoid cream—that’s an emergency!”

“Anyway,” Sergeant Lau presses on, “We need to improve our time so we don’t finish last, understood?”

“Understood,” the force echos.

Sergeant Lau nods. “I’m going choose Officier Zhang, Officier Lu, Officer Zhou, and Officer Wang to be the first task force. Let’s go.”

Yixing groans.

Lu Han pats his shoulder. “Let’s go win this, partner.” Yixing shoves Lu Han away from him and follows Zhou Mi and Fei into the simulation.

Sergeant Lau debriefs them on the logistics of the hostage-taking and their positions. “Lu, Zhang, I want you to pair up and Zhou, Wang, you’re together. I’ll be in the control room watching you and pretending to negotiate with the hostage takers. Clear?”

They all nod and splinter off. Yixing walks ahead down the corridor, holding his paint gun tightly to his chest. He waves at Lu Han to hurry up, but doesn’t say a word to him.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Lu Han asks.

Yixing presses his back to the wall as he slowly slides toward an open door. “Quiet,” he murmurs.

After Lu Han makes an exasperated noise, Yixing glares at him. “Shut up,” he whispers loudly, walking on his tip-toes. Jumping up quickly, he lands in front of the door and creeps into the room and checks around the room, making to watch his blind spot. Yixing grabs his walkie-talkie and presses the button to say, “All clear in the first room.”

“Yixing—I’m sorry I didn’t interrogate the dog walker with you,” Lu Han tries, when Yixing turns to him.

“Fine, you’re sorry. I accept your apology. Doesn’t mean I have to talk to you.” Yixing begins to walk out of the room when something makes a stirring noise. He looks over his shoulder as a hostage taker jumps out from behind the desk. He fires his paint gun—Yixing is trying to figure how he didn’t he see him before he attempts to move.

Lu Han tackles Yixing to the ground. He recovers quickly and fires at the assailant on his knees. Yixing pants, on his back, his heart racing.

Lu Han gets up and helps Yixing stand.

“Are you okay?” Lu Han asks, his voice shaking. He looks more freaked out by this than Yixing feels.

“Yeah,” Yixing says, taking a deep breath, “Yeah, I’m okay.” Lu Han nods, and they walk quietly out of the room. “Thank you,” Yixing says gratefully, and Lu Han nods again.

Yixing feels him grip onto his arm, his hand quivering. “What is it, Lu Han?” Yixing asks, no ice in his voice.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Lu Han says, his eyes darting away. “I don’t care if it’s for pretend. Don’t make me scared like that again.”

Yixing wants to fire back with a response, but something in Lu Han’s eyes makes him stop. He’s actually concerned for him.

“Okay,” Yixing responds, and Lu Han smiles back weakly.

8:00 PM, Yixing’s Apartment

Yixing turns on the TV to start hate-watching How Get Away With Murder, when the phone rings. He picks it up—and is surprised to hear Lu Han, yelling quickly into his ear.

“Slow down, Lu Han, use your words.”

“W-What if the evidence we thought was the victim’s was actually the perpetrator’s?” Lu Han splutters out. Yixing nearly drops his glass of wine.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” he repeats. He takes a long sip of wine before he repeats again, “Oh my fucking god.”

“Oh my god, indeed,” Lu Han says, laughing, “I called your CSI boyfriend and he told me that it was a good lead. We’re going to need the murder weapon because this will be impossible to solve without it.”

“Okay,” Yixing sits up. “Then, let’s try the alleyway. The dog walker said that the killer walked past the alleyway. That’s the only place we can look without a warrant, and if we can’t find anything, I guess we’ll need to openly pursue the brother.”

“Okay, let’s meet in the morning after we head to the office,” Lu Han says.

“All right,” Yixing nods. “Lu Han.”


“Jongdae isn’t my boyfriend,” he whispers, and he can hear Lu Han squirming through the phone.

“I know, and?”

Yixing smiles and says, “Just wanted to tell you.”



7:00 PM, Outside of Giovanni’s Pizza

“I don’t understand why we’re scrounging through the dumpster, my nose is dying, ” Lu Han whines while jumping up and down, looking over his shoulder every few seconds. “He wouldn’t be stupid enough to throw it in there, would he?”

“Dog walker said that she heard a loud noise before he ran out of the alleyway, didn’t she?” Yixing says as he digs through piles of week-old pizza sauce and leftover crusts.

“Yeah, and she has a name: Cindy.”

“What if that loud noise was her hearing him discard was…”

“The murder weapon?” Lu Han stops jumping when Yixing suddenly appears with a wide grin on his face.

Yixing waves a plastic bag with a gun inside.

Lu Han’s face breaks into a grin and he shouts, “Yes, we found it! We found the murder weapon!”

“Wake up the whole neighbourhood, why don’t you,” Yixing says, breathless and smiling. “Idiot.”

“But I’m your idiot,” Lu Han bats his eyes and Yixing returns it with an eyeroll. The smile never leaves his face. “Why would he dump it in there, though?”

“I checked the garbage truck before we got here,” Yixing reaches for Lu Han’s hand and Lu Han helps him get out, making disgusted faces as his nose comes into contact with sauce stains and rotten cheese. “Turns out the garbage truck that was scheduled to pick up this mess the next morning after James was murdered went on strike the same day. No pick up. “

“God bless the unions,” Lu Han sighs happily and Yixing smiles. Nothing felt better than solving a nearly unsolvable case.

“You know that you have this weird thing where you speak aloud like you doing some weird inner dialogue or monologue happening going inside of you,” Lu Han says. “Like you have your own mini crime show in your head.”

“Shut up and let’s go book this bastard,” Yixing pats Lu Han’s cheek with his sauce covered hand and Lu Han shrieks, making Yixing ring the alleyway with laughter.

1:00PM, Giovanni’s Pizza

Yixing parks the car in front of Giovanni’s Pizza and turns to Lu Han with a knowing look. Lu Han stuffs his face with a shawarma sandwich, making loud chewing noises that would have irritated Yixing earlier, but is oddly comforting in the face of preparing to arrest a possibly dangerous suspect.

Lu Han stops eating and pulls the sandwich away from his mouth. “What? I’m sorry, I was just hungry,” Lu Han says in an apologetic tone that actually sounds genuine. Yixing pauses and suddenly presses his thumb against his cheek to wipe away the garlic sauce. Lu Han’s eyes widen.

“Why did you do that,” Lu Han asks, his voice softer than usual.

“I don’t know, a nervous tic,” Yixing says with a little shrug. Lu Han just stares at him before going back to devour his sharwarma.

“You know,” Lu Han says when he swallows his last bite, “That I always make sure to eat before, you know, I get into a crime scene or go after a perp. It helps to, uh, calm me down.”

“Why are you telling me this,” Yixing asks. Lu Han looks slightly offended. “Maybe I just wanted to tell you so you don’t think I’m some lazy douche or whatever you think of me.”

Lu Han lowers his head, his eyes filled with hurt. Yixing doesn’t know what to say. He holds onto Lu Han’s hand silently, and Lu Han lifts his head up, bewildered.

“I don’t think you’re a lazy douche,” Yixing says gently and Lu Han snorts.

“Okay, maybe I do,” Yixing continues, he’s still holding Lu Han’s hand and he’s surprised that Lu Han hasn’t pushed his hand away yet. Instead he squeezes it tightly. “But you’re still a good cop. I’m surprised you’re scared, you always seem so confident. Is that a shield to protect your mushy, sensitive self?”

He says this in a teasing voice but Lu Han’s eyes are unwavering.

“No, I don’t wanna die on the job, you know. I’m scared shitless all the time,” Lu Han says in the most serious voice Yixing has ever heard from him. “Maybe I do try and act all douchey and overconfident because I don’t wanna show that I’m afraid. But I am.”

Yixing is so touched that he’s been honest about this, that he accidentally smiles, and Lu Han looks betrayed.

“I thought you of all people would understand,” Lu Han mumbles.

Yixing hesitates before saying, “Lu Han, I…”

Before he can say anything, Yixing’s walkie talkie makes a crackling nose. They pull their hands away quickly like they were burnt.

“Officer Zhang?” Sergeant Lau’s inquiring voice fills the silence.

“Let’s get inside.” Yixing opens the car door. Lu Han follows after him and the two of them walk inside the pizzeria briskly. Yixing looks around before entering, catching a glimpse of where Sergeant Lau is positioned, by a hot dog stand.

“Hey boys,” Jeff is at the front counter, “What can I get you?”

Yixing opens his mouth but Lu Han is faster. “How about a cold, tall glass of Busted. NYPD, you are under arrest for the murder of James Giovanni.” Lu Han pulls out his gun and aims it right for Jeff’s heart.

Jeff pauses and then breaks into laughter. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

His mother begins to talk rapidly in Italian and Jeff responds, reassuring her. Yixing regrets making her sound so terrified, but it was all a part of the job.

“Nice try, pal,” Lu Han says extra loudly, and Yixing knows he’s afraid.

“We have your prints, Jeff,” Yixing says in a calm voice. “You need to come with us without a fight, sir.”

Jeff continues to laugh, but it gets hollower with each passing minute. His hand reaches beneath the counter. Yixing pulls out his gun quickly. “Jeff, it’s over. We know you killed your brother.”

Jeff breathes out a sigh and looks at his mother. His mother begins to move away, closer to Yixing and Lu Han. “Ma, please, I didn’t…”

“Ha!” Lu Han yells out. Yixing hears the quiver in his voice.

Out of nowhere, Jeff lets out a shout of rage and throws out a frying pan from beneath the counter, making a direct hit at Yixing’s chest, making him stumble. Lu Han thankfully doesn’t fire and reaches out to help Yixing, but Jeff charges at him and manages to get past him.

“Go after him,” Yixing shouts, holding his chest. “I’m fine.”

Lu Han bolts after Jeff and in seconds there are loud shouts, and then the sound of a gunshot.

Yixing’s ears ring and his heart sinks. He pulls himself up slowly, his head dizzy, and then he starts to run.

“Lu Han, Lu Han,” he shouts desperately and then sees Jeff in cuffs on the ground and Sergeant Lau reading him his rights before pulling him up.

Yixing catches droplets of blood on the ground and rushes over, screaming for Lu Han.

There is a flurry of policemen everywhere that he can’t see where Lu Han is. He pushes past them, fearing the worst.

He finds Lu Han on the ground, clutching his arm, arguing with an officer. Lu Han slowly gets up and sees Yixing running towards, and smiles, “Hey, finally got up, did you?”

“You idiot!” Yixing grabs his shoulders, looking him over and spots him bleeding.

“Why you did you shoot at him, you’re hurt.”

“I didn’t shoot, this dumbass did,” Lu Han says, glaring at the officer, who was currently bowing his head and begging for forgiveness. “Junior here was a little trigger happy.”

“I’m sorry, sirs, but I accidentally pulled the trigger, I thought the perp had a weapon.”

“You could have killed someone, don’t you have any fucking sense!” Yixing shouts in his face and the junior officer cowers.

“Hey, hey,” Lu Han says, laughing weakly, “It’s okay, I’m fine.” Lu Han touches Yixing’s shoulder and Yixing stops, his touch pacifying him. Yixing turns to Lu Han, eyes wet, and he can’t stop himself.

Yixing does the unthinkable, and kisses Lu Han. At first, Lu Han’s lips don’t move like he’s stunned, but slowly he opens his mouth to Yixing and kisses him back. Yixing holds him like a vice, unable to let go, and then the junior officer coughs.

Yixing pulls away, mortified at what he just did in front of the rest of the force.

“I’m sorry,” Yixing blurts out with a gasp, holding his mouth. Lu Han just laughs, his face red. “I don’t know what came over me, I wasn’t thinking straight..”

“Please, tell it to the judge,” Lu Han says and Yixing removes his hand from over his mouth, smiling.

“Is that how you pick up all your dates?”

10:00 PM, Precinct 99

“Are we allowed to drink in the office?” Yixing asks, hesitant but the wine glass Lu Han gave him was pressed to his lips.

“I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

Yixing smiles and takes a sip.

“Mmm, this is good, moscato?”

“Only the finest fare I picked out of my mother’s wine rack,” Lu Han says with an airy voice, “Or really wine cupboard.”

“Another secret,” Yixing points out, tilting his head. Lu Han smiles, “It’s all part of the job.”

They are tasked to finish their report before tomorrow, one of Sergeant Lau’s new exercises on preventing backlog, that Sergeant Lau had told them of a mere seconds after the force congratulated them on solving the case.

They had planned to go out to dinner the next night, but with Sergeant Lau’s threatening looks, which soon turned into puppy eyes, they decided to stay after.

“We’ll get it done in an hour,” Lu Han nudges Sergeant Lau’s shoulder with a fist, while Yixing covers his mouth with his hand, his lips twitching from repressed laughter. “We’re pros, bro.”

Two hours later, Lu Han calls for Italian takeout, and disappears while Yixing makes correction after correction. He reappears with a plastic bag, two takeout boxes, and an expensive-looking bottle of wine with a Post-It saying, ‘THIS IS MINE, LU HAN, DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!’ in red.

“Can’t we just keep the report simple?” Lu Han groans and chews on a mozzarella stick. “It’s only supposed to be two to three pages so it can fit in the case file.”

“I can’t until it’s perfectly written, I don’t want our future captain thinking I have sloppy reporting skills,” Yixing says, making frustrated noises at the computer screen.

“Do you know what? I like sloppy,” Lu Han says, pressing greasy lips against Yixing’s cheek. His tone gets lower than Yixing’s ever heard before, making Yixing shiver.

Yixing makes a horrible giggling noise and Lu Han laughs.

“I wish I could record that noise,” Lu Han says.

Yixing turns his head to face him. “You’re cute, now please let me finish the report. I need to make one more correction.”

“It’s fine, Yixing,” Lu Han reassures him as he starts to grab Yixing out of his seat. Yixing groans, but doesn’t protest.

Lu Han does a quick pull and Yixing’s heart races when he gets him into his lap.

“You wanna do something else we’re not supposed to,” Lu Han grabs Yixing’s tie and pulls him down, kissing him softly. Yixing moves away and he smiles.

“What do you want to do?” Yixing murmurs. They share a grin, making out first; Lu Han holding Yixing in his lap as Yixing ruts against him, gently then frantically as their kisses get deeper.

“Do you wanna—actually—” Lu Han can’t get a full sentence in before Yixing’s mouth is over his. He pushes Yixing’s shirt up and runs his hands down Yixing’s smooth back.

Yixing moves his mouth, gasping by his ear, and Lu Han cradles his head with his hand, making him look at him face to face. “Well,” Lu Han pants. Yixing’s mind sharpens its focus. He pulls away from Lu Han. “Not here, I have a perfect place.”

They end up in Zitao’s hidden place, an abandoned holding cell in the old part of the building. Zitao would kill him for showing Lu Han, but he doesn’t need to worry about that. It’s Zitao’s fault anyway, for playing the narrator to their confusing romance.

“You know, you’re adorable when you babble your internal monologues aloud,” Lu Han says as Yixing spreads his legs. Yixing laughs breathlessly and pulls Lu Han down, kissing him harder and the best he can.

“Just fuck me already,” Yixing begs and Lu Han whistles.

In minutes, they’re naked. Lu Han has surprisingly quick hands, and he takes out a condom and packets of lube. “Wow,” Yixing laughs in disbelief and Lu Han gives a one-shouldered shrug.

“A professional is always prepared,” Lu Han says in his cheesiest, most seductive voice ever—and Yixing just laughs louder.

Lu Han is also surprisingly gentle, prepping Yixing well and pushing into him as slowly as possible, asking in whispers if he was okay and if it felt good. Yixing nods, feeling so warm, warmer than he’s ever felt before.

He holds onto Lu Han’s shoulders, bends his knees and moans as he takes Lu Han in deeper, until he’s fully inside. “You’re okay?” Lu Han asks and Yixing nods, eyes closed.

“Mmm, feels good,” Yixing moans as Lu Han thrusts shallowly. “Faster, more.”

It stings slightly when Lu Han’s thrusts quicken, but it feels so good. Yixing’s groans increase in sound and he doesn’t want it to stop, doesn’t want the warmth, Lu Han, filling him so completely, to end.

Yixing doesn’t expect to come untouched. It must have been the wine or the five-month dry spell, but he does.

Lu Han pulls out, takes off his condom and comes against Yixing’s thighs.

“I’m just sorry, your thighs look so good.” Lu Han tries to say more but Yixing grabs his face and kisses him, panting and full of spit. “Wow,” he says quietly as Yixing giggles again, kissing Lu Han’s forehead. The look of sheer pleasure on Lu Han’s face after he kisses him again is something Yixing would like to never stop seeing.

Lu Han soon collapses onto of him and they cling together, sweaty and sticky.

A week ago, if someone had told Yixing that he would end up fucking and dating Lu Han, the guy who loved to torture him with stupid jokes or endlessly fought with him, that Lu Han, he’d have throw coffee in that person’s lap.

Now, he’s cleaning out come stains from Zitao’s leopard print bedsheets at midnight before he sneaks out of the precinct with Lu Han.

Life is full of surprises—but Yixing is happy that one of them is Lu Han.

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