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TITLE: i think you could save my life
LENGTH: 14,813
SUMMARY: Lu Han comes to Yixing in a blur of words and all Yixing wants is to take him in.
+ dear op, thank you for the amazing prompts but i chose the second and i really hope this is what you have expected and wanted even though the execution seems a little bit off.
+ i thank the mods for hosting onlayforlu (ohmygod, really thank you!) so i can cry over the beauty of this pairing and for understanding my need for extension! you guys are the best!
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They’re all broken.

It’s the first thing Yixing realizes when he checks all his clients’ files. The patterns of all cases he has been handling for almost four years are look alike. Divorces, making dozens of wills, buying houses, starting new businesses, they are all the same. Nothing’s new. He shoves the stacks aside to rest his head on the table. Maybe a twenty minutes break will stop his head from pounding too hard.

He never gets the chance to rest since three weeks ago. There are too many cases flowing in this month and two-third of it is given to him while it is obvious that he isn’t the only solicitor in the office. He always wonders if the other solicitors get the same amount of cases and chances to sleep or he is the only one who’s working until in the middle of the night, skimming through papers to find important information and clues.

His twenty minutes break is destroyed by the heavy steps his assistant makes to his office. The sound of another paper is ringing to his ears. He groans lightly as he lifts his head up to welcome his assistant.

“You look surprisingly good for someone who spent the night in the office with,” his assistant eyes the stacks Yixing had been studying all night, “those kinds of things.”

“Thank you, Chanyeol. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Chanyeol laughs, “It is.”

Yixing smiles weakly, rubbing his tired eyes to make him awake. “So what makes you here?”

Chanyeol tosses his apartment’s keys to the table and says, “You have a very important guest at eleven and I know if you go home, you won’t make it here on time. Go to my apartment and make yourself presentable. I’m sure I have some of your suits in my closet.”

Yixing glances at his watch and sighs. He must be really deep into his work he doesn’t realize it’s almost ten and he hasn’t had any breakfast.

“I’m starving.” He admits, collecting his stuff.

“That’s also why I’m here.” Chanyeol chuckles and shows what’s on his hand. “I hope you like my sandwich. And oh, if you want coffee just drop at the café beside my apartment. They make the best Americano there.”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do if you aren’t here, Chanyeol.” Yixing takes the sandwich and taps Chanyeol’s shoulder lightly. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Chanyeol grins. “By the way, I just heard that the case you’ve been studying all night is handed over to Baekhyun. He seems okay with that. Is that okay with you too?”

It feels like the burden he has been carrying on his shoulders is lifted when Yixing hears that good news. He heaves a sigh of relief, “I deserve a break after all.”

“Um, I’m not sure you will have a break, Yixing. The guest you’ll meet later is your next client.” Chanyeol gives him the paper he has been holding since he entered his office. “This is his profile.”

Yixing contemplates at first, not sure how to react after knowing that the office doesn’t have any mercy on him. He knows that almost all the cases he handled for the past weeks were pretty successful (except that one case where his client was so slow and ignorant he chose to ignore Yixing’s advices to his problem) but that doesn’t mean they can throw every case on him.

“I’ll read it later.” He takes it finally and walks to the door, mind too numb to process a new case. Before he leaves, he turns back and says, “If he comes before me, let him wait inside and don’t forget to serve anything he likes.”

Then he goes without waiting for Chanyeol to respond.


He can feel his phone vibrating in his pocket. The familiar vibration doesn’t feel weird anymore as he remembers that his mom will always call him this time, 10.30 sharp in the morning, because it’s the only time she can spare for him. Yixing doesn’t have any intention to answer the call. It has been years since the last time he ever talked to his mom or his entire family. He knows that they probably want to fix everything, every single thing that they had done to him, which Yixing doubts they even realize and still remember.

Munching his sandwich, he patiently waits for his Americano. The paper on his hand feels light as he skims all the information about his next client. He raises his eyebrow when he reads the name, Lu Han, and as his attention is being taken he thinks, oh he’s Chinese. Going down, he almost chokes when he realizes breach of contract is listed to the issue of his client’s case. He needs to talk to Chanyeol right now.

The office is crowded as usual, clients come and go, and other solicitors Yixing doesn’t really know well greet him as he enters the main hall. His phone has stopped vibrating a while ago when he left the café. Regret always paints his face each time he ignores the calls coming from his mom. She never stops trying to reach him even though he has erased her from his memory years ago.

He spots Chanyeol on his usual place with his regular to-do; typing something seriously he doesn’t realize Yixing’s presence.

“Breach of contract?” Yixing places the paper in front of Chanyeol.

Chanyeol furrows at first, trying to absorb the question Yixing asks him. “Oh right,” he answers when he gets what Yixing means, “Yeah, breach of contract.”

“You don’t get it.” Yixing scoffs and takes the paper with him again. “I take private practice, Chanyeol, and breach of contract isn’t classified there. This case should go to Kyungsoo’s desk not mine.”

“But your client insists to have you as his solicitor. Besides, you are the only Chinese solicitor our office has. Kyuhyun even agrees to leave this case to you. And oh, aren’t you excited after knowing you will handle such issue by yourself?”

Yixing looks up, confused and not even sure what to ask Chanyeol. Excited, he says? This case annoys him so much. It disturbs him every way a case can be. He has been studying law for six years and concentrates more on private practice for his four years career and right now, his senior is counting on him to handle a commercial practice case that he surely will not have a clue where to start analyzing.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know who Lu Han is.” Chanyeol stares at him in shock with his stupid rounded eyes.

Yixing rolls his eyes. “Am I supposed to know him? Is he a politician? A director of a foreign company?”

Chanyeol takes his pen out of his pocket and underlines two words on Lu Han’s profile, public figure. “He is an idol, you dumb. His name is all over the news for the past days. Do you even watch TV?”

The answer to that is no, he doesn’t have time to watch TV anymore. He even forgets that he has a TV in his house. His job as a solicitor requires him to focus more on what his client needs and to win every case that is given to him. If he’s lucky, he will get a break for one or two hours after the client feels satisfied or when he wins the case on the court. And it usually doesn’t last long. When he gets back to the office, another case is waiting to be solved.

“I’m sorry.” Chanyeol runs his hand to the back of his neck and smiles weakly. “You’ve been really busy these days.”

Yixing stares at the underlined words hard. Whatever the case he is going to face, he has to understand his client needs first. Being involved in fame industry never crosses his mind before but this time he has to deal with it whether he likes it or not, whether this case is his specialty or not.

“He is inside by the way.” Chanyeol informs.

“What―” Yixing glances at his watch and curses. It’s not eleven yet and his client is earlier than him. “Shit. This is embarrassing.”

“Come on now. Who’s up for handling the famous case in the world’s history?” Chanyeol laughs as he opens the door to Yixing’s office.

“Remind me again why I suggested you to work for me, Chanyeol.”

“Because you’re my best friend and you can’t stand the lack of effort I put to look for a job.”

Yixing snorts but ends up laughing too.

“Hey, do me a favor.” Chanyeol says. “Win this case and ask Kyuhyun for a break. You really deserve it. Okay?” Before Yixing can give him any reply, Chanyeol mouths good luck and closes the door.

“Good afternoon.”The soft voice that belongs to Lu Han greets him. He looks up from his paper and almost drops his coffee in surprise. His client, or Lu Han, he better starts to get used to his client’s name right now, is sitting on his desk, munching an apple and playing with the chair in front of him with his foot. He doesn’t look at Yixing, he is looking at, if Yixing squints hard enough, papers he doesn’t have any authority to look at.

“Or maybe good morning?” Lu Han continues, putting the papers aside and smiles to Yixing.

Everything about Lu Han is so bright. His clothes are sparkling with too many crystals that when he moves, the flashes coming from it are starting to hurt Yixing’s eyes. He’s wearing a snapback with PARENTAL ADVISORY I SAY FUCK A LOT printed on it but Yixing still can see a glimpse of his red hair shining. He winces even more when he realizes that Lu Han is wearing sunglasses inside his office. Lu Han must be hiding something and it’s Yixing’s job to watch him carefully.

Yixing clears his throat as he reaches his desk, carefully placing his coffee beside his computer. Lu Han turns back, still sitting on his desk, his right thigh almost nudges Yixing’s coffee and thank god it doesn’t make the cup fall or else it’s going to ruin everything. He does cough a little when he smells Lu Han’s perfume. It’s too much, he thinks, too much for a first impression.

“You aren’t supposed to read any paper on my desk, sir.” Yixing says, fixing his single-breasted two button suit. You aren’t supposed to sit on my desk too.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Lu Han doesn’t look like he’s really apologizing because Yixing swears he can see the way Lu Han’s lips turn into a very slow smirk as if he’s taking Yixing’s serious statement as a joke. “But those are mine, my case, you know. Your assistant has taken all your papers.”


Yixing blushes in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. Please sit down.”

Truth to be told, Yixing has never ever made any mistake in front of his clients. Four years doing the same thing over and over again is enough to practice his communication skills and hold his temper. But right now, Lu Han successfully makes him feel like he’s handling his first case ever, all nervous and tense, with only a few sentences. He tries to breathe in and out, steadying his breath and hiding that flush of uneasiness that is obviously displayed on his face.

“I’m sitting right now.” Lu Han chuckles.

“I mean,” Yixing points at the chair in front of them politely, “We’ve provided a chair for our client. Please sit there.”

“Nah, would it be so much easier if you just told me where to sit.”

Yixing breathes a sigh of relief when Lu Han finally takes his seat. Like this, Yixing can study Lu Han’s façade a little bit clearer and better. He sips his coffee again and looks through the files Chanyeol has provided him, sometimes taking glances at Lu Han who is busy playing with his phone. The papers almost crumple in his hand each time Yixing reads the words of breach of contract. He doesn’t like the case. He hates his client even more.

“Can we start now, sir?” Yixing clears his throat to get Lu Han’s attention back.

“Sure.” Lu Han replies, eyes never leaving his phone. “But I’m taking you to lunch.”

Yixing blinks furiously to clear his mind and make some space to Lu Han’s invitation. “Uh, excuse me?”

“Lunch. Outside. I don’t like talking in formal places.”

“Isn’t it too fast to have lunch?”

“Well, isn’t it too late to have breakfast?” Lu Han glances at Yixing’s coffee when Yixing places it back right after he finishes it in one go. The caffeine runs to his blood, makes his heart work a little bit faster, and the whole thing is getting out of place because his previous clients always talked to him inside his office to avoid the leak of their confidential information and there were never invitation to anything outside before. This is weird. This is not how it’s supposed to start. This is not how he works.

Once he’s outside his office, with too many papers to hold and his car’s key, trying to catch Lu Han who already reaches the main hall, Chanyeol calls him.

“I’m going to lunch!” Yixing replies without waiting for the question and waves goodbye. “Call me if something happens!”


He has never been to this area before. It takes twenty minutes to reach it which makes it perfect for lunch time and Yixing wonders whether Lu Han has planned this beforehand. Lu Han doesn’t wait for Yixing and goes out without showing him where to go. Yixing manages to gather all his belongings and follows Lu Han as soon as he can.

The familiar smell of Chinese foods welcomes Yixing when he steps inside the restaurant which makes him almost drops everything he has in his hands. He can’t even recall when was the last time he ever tasted anything that reminded him of home. He looks around, humming in agreement to the entire decoration and furniture. It really feels like he’s back in China.

Yixing searches for Lu Han and finds him talking excitedly with a young man with dark circles around his eyes at the corner of the restaurant. He can hear the faint Beijing accent between the words of, “Taozi! It has been a long time! How are you?” Lu Han lets out. He chooses not to bother them and takes a seat near the wizendow, admiring the whole scene from outside the restaurant. It really is a good place it makes him wonder why he never knows about it.

Lu Han comes back with a wide grin across his face when Yixing massages his hand slowly that quite hurts from the effect of holding too many things with it. His glasses is gone, Yixing fails to notice where and when Lu Han took it off, and for the first time he stares directly at his client’s eyes and the amount of kohl he wears around it.

 “He is my friend, Tao,” Lu Han explains eagerly, “He’s the owner of this place.”

A nod is enough for a reply, Yixing thinks, as he begins to separate the papers into two parts and takes his notebook together with his pen. The notebook is nearly run out of pages when Yixing opens it and he sighs because he forgets again to buy the new one. He takes a mental note to do it right after his lunch with Lu Han.

“I have ordered my usual. I hope you don’t mind.” Lu Han props his chin with his hands, his eyes are moving slowly from the papers to Yixing’s eyes.

“It’s okay, sir.” Yixing replies without looking up as he writes Lu Han as the client’s name at the top of the new page of his notebook, breach of contract as the type of the case, and SM Entertainment as the offender.

“Lu Han, please.”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate…” He finally finishes writing, clicking his tongue satisfyingly, and when it’s his turn to look at Lu Han, he kind of loses his words and forgets to think about the next words he has to say. His eyes follow along the lines of Lu Han’s eyeliner, admiring the color that looks so contrast to his pale skin. “… well, yeah, if that’s what you want, Lu Han.” He stops staring and looks down, embarrassed by his own action.

Their foods come and save Yixing from his misery. He hears Lu Han say thank you and ask about the waiter’s day and some things that Yixing can’t catch. He’s too busy thinking about his stupid reaction to Lu Han’s delicate eyes, the laugh lines that always form when the idol is smiling too wide, and the way his snapback can’t even keep his red hair from shining.

“Hey, Yixing.” Lu Han calls when the waiter excuses himself from their table. “Do all solicitors look as cute as you?”

Yixing tries so hard not to look up and he succeeds anyway, cursing under his breath for having a really annoying client who only knows how to flirt and use his idol charm to invade everyone’s life. He should talk to Chanyeol about this and beg Kyuhyun to swap the case and throws Lu Han’s files to Kyungsoo or maybe he can―

“You need to stop doing that.” Yixing scoffs when he chooses to remind Lu Han again why he is here.

“Doing what?” Lu Han’s lips turn into a very slow smirk, almost mocking Yixing.

“That.” Yixing points his face and moves to his snapback, gesturing Lu Han to take it off. “Everybody here knows you’re Lu Han to the point they don’t care whether you’re an idol or not anymore. Stop pretending to be someone you aren’t.”

The sparkles in Lu Han’s eyes die when Yixing blurts the truth about him. It’s all true, he has to admit it. He’s here to impress Yixing, to make the solicitor know that he isn’t just an ordinary person who needs help. So he arranges everything and makes sure that everyone who knows him here doesn’t question his changes. Even Tao almost couldn’t cooperate when Lu Han greeted him just now.

“You need to stop pretending too.” Lu Han leans back, crossing his hands in front of his chest. When Yixing keeps quiet, he continues, “Stop suffocating yourself with that goddamn attires and formalities. It’s all written in your face that you don’t like this job.”

Yixing gulps bitterly, unconsciously pressing his pen down hard on the paper, scraping the surface with his angry handwriting. It’s funny how Lu Han manages to know so much about him in such a short time. Is it true that his whole feature screams discomfort for being a solicitor? Then why do Chanyeol and everyone around him never notice it? Why he has to hear it from someone who he just met?

They keep quiet for the whole time; the air feels heavy with discomfort and words that aren’t enough to shout out what’s on their mind. Lu Han leaves first when he finishes his food, murmuring something about photo shoots and interviews. Yixing’s notebook is left open and empty.


“Whoa, stop right there!” Chanyeol shouts too loud when he sees Yixing pass him, making the people around them turn to look for the source of the voice. Yixing hisses in annoyance and apologizes.

“Why do you have to be so loud in the morning?” He smacks Chanyeol’s arm lightly. His head is pounding hard from the lack of sleep and every single voice that annoys him makes it even worse. He tried to close his eyes but the words from Lu Han kept on repeating. He decided to learn Lu Han’s case instead of getting a proper amount of sleep.

Chanyeol turns Yixing around, narrowing his eyes to notice any differences on Yixing that he catches just now. He flicks his tongue to his sudden dry lip and mutters an ah when he realizes the small changes. “Where is your tie?”

Yixing runs his hand to the back of his neck, trying hard not to be so obvious that he also notices it. “Oh, yeah, I forget to wear it! Maybe I left it in my house!” Chanyeol tilts his head in disbelief, “Or my car! It’s probably there. I have to check―”

“No need.” Chanyeol blocks his way and smiles knowingly. “Your tie is gone, wow what did that singer do to you, really, Yixing, and it’s good to see you like this. You look a little bit better, you know, every morning you will never show any emotion, but today is different. And look at this!” The taller raises an eyebrow, “You even leave the top two buttons of your shirt undone.”

“Oh my god!” Yixing covers his face with both hands and shakes his head. “Stop blabbering. You’re embarrassing me here.”

He hears Chanyeol laughs and when his best friend doesn’t show any sign to stop making him blushing, Yixing says jokingly, “You’re fired, Park Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol opens the door to Yixing’s office, his laugh half-dies. He places his hand to his heart and fakes a broken hearted reaction. “He looks different too.” He whispers and Yixing knows that Lu Han is earlier than him again today.

“Good morning!” The familiar voice greets him again and Yixing is quite surprise to hear such excitement inside his office. Chanyeol is right. Yixing really has no emotion that it hits him hard to realize that lively reaction appears to be foreign. He has buried everything about being giddy and eager to start his days a long time ago which also reflects to the condition of his office. It usually feels empty and boring. Yixing wonders about his previous clients whom he always interviewed here. Did Yixing, with his stiffness and lifeless aura, make them feel more pressured and nervous?

“Good…” The words hang in the air awkwardly when he lays his eyes on the strange figure in front of him. It can’t be Lu Han. The images that Lu Han left to Yixing yesterday are still fresh on his memory. The amount of sparkles is still hard to get rid of. Lu Han looks strangely innocent with light make up, or no makeup at all, he isn’t sure about that. He doesn’t wear any snapback with ridiculous words on it and the black beanie he uses still can’t hide his red hair. And god, how can someone looks so adorable with only white T-shirt and jeans?

“Are you… Are you Lu Han?” Yixing stammers, checking the person in front of him with wide eyes. When Lu Han nods, he shakes his head. “You can’t be. Yesterday…”

“Please sit down.” Lu Han offers. Yixing follows but his questioning face doesn’t vanish. “I bought you Americano and some pastries. I don’t know what flavor you like, so I bought many. Just choose what you like. And oh,” He takes something out from his bag, “I think you need this.”

Lu Han pushes a new notebook to Yixing which Yixing takes in shock. The notebook looks the same like Yixing’s old one but this one is thicker. “How…”

“I just wanted to do something nice, you know, for yesterday. I was rude. I’m sorry.” Lu Han smiles, a pink flush spread over his cheeks and to his pointed nose and Yixing can see clearly now the way his eyes sparkle with no kohl. It’s sincere, Yixing can sense it, and he takes the notebook gladly with a very soft thank you Lu Han can still manage to hear.

Honestly, Yixing doesn’t know why he’s waiting for Lu Han to catch something’s also different with him. But when he thinks about it again, it’s nonsense for Lu Han to notice it. The idol is too busy asking for apologies from him and maybe the words Lu Han said to him yesterday were just a form of rebuttal to make him didn’t look like a fool for losing an argument with Yixing.

A moment of confusion Yixing had to spend inside his car just now before he stepped inside his office seems to be a waste of time. If he knows that this is going to be the result, he should’ve worn his tie and be his old self. It’s much easier rather than being embarrassed by his action that doesn’t get noticed. But this, it feels nice too. For the first time in his four years career, he feels like the air in the office isn’t trying to strangle him.

“Can we start now?” Lu Han’s words get him back from his reverie.

“Sure.” Yixing smiles, leaning close to Lu Han. He notices that Lu Han isn’t wearing too much perfume and he smells more like soap and after-shave and Yixing doesn’t know why he likes it. “No talking in formal places, eh?” He teases.

Lu Han blushes in embarrassment and laughs lightly. He looks down and shakes his head. “I’m really sorry. I was an asshole yesterday.”

“It’s okay.” Yixing smiles. “I have had worse before.”

“You are still stiff.” Lu Han says before taking a sip from the tea that Chanyeol has prepared for him before. “You always remind me of my friend Shou Hu.”

“Excuse me?” Yixing stops skimming through the papers he’s holding.

“You can get rid of your tie but why can’t you be more relax? I mean, even if you really hate this job, you can always find something to make you slightly like it.”

It feels like Yixing has been punched with a brick when he hears Lu Han’s honest opinion about him. He has tried to cover everything smoothly for four years and here is his new client who has a total opposite job from him, stating everything that Yixing doesn’t want anyone to know.

“There’s nothing enjoyable in this job.” He replies honestly.

“I hate my job, too, but I have to enjoy it to survive.”

“Why do you hate this job?”

Lu Han tilts his head slightly at the sudden turn of question. They’re talking about Yixing a moment ago and right now Yixing successfully points the question back to Lu Han. He smiles and puts the cup back to its place.

“The contract requires me to agree to everything the company wants.”

Yixing clicks his tongue in disapproval as he scans the paper he has read for several days. He still doesn’t understand the case he is handling right now and he needs more information, more strong points from his client’s side.

“You should not have signed the contract if you know the content will harm you.”

 “Anything that makes your heart beats faster is worth doing. That is what I feel when I sing and it is the only reason why I signed the contract.”

Yixing stops reading the paper and turns his gaze back to the strange figure in front of him he still can’t accept as Lu Han. He blinks to keep himself from saying that what Lu Han says is right. It has been a very long time since someone could open his eyes and shut his mouth only with a few words. Even though Yixing doesn’t want to admit it, he does feel the same about this job. Every time he receives a new client, he can’t help to see what’s so interesting about them and what he can offer to help his client to solve their problems.

“But you know that argument will not win your case if your company sends this to the court.”

“I don’t care about winning or losing. I just want to―”

Yixing’s phone suddenly rings. He says sorry and takes it out of his pocket. He rejects the call without looking at the screen, turns it off, and throws it away. Lu Han frowns when he watches everything but he doesn’t bring himself to question it.

“What time is it now?” Yixing asks, chewing his bottom lip unconsciously.

Lu Han stares at Yixing first before checking the time on his phone. “10.45.”

Yixing licks his sudden lips and clutches at the edge of his desk in trembling fingers. He takes in a deep, shuddering breath before he murmurs quietly, “She’s late.” His expression turns slightly sour, like the thing he has been expecting doesn’t turn out as he wants it to.

“Are you expecting another client?” Lu Han does look concern, especially when Yixing still doesn’t look up to make Lu Han sure that he is okay. The phone call must be from someone important, someone who matters and affects Yixing so much it has an effect to his humorless and unapproachable demeanor.

“No.” Yixing manages to look up after convincing himself that he is okay. He has done this for years and today is no different. He has ignored thousand of phone calls coming from his mom. Besides, he should have not mixed personal problems into his work. His eyes are probably red and puffy after holding his tears as much as he can so Lu Han doesn’t have to question him anything.

 “Thank you,” he says again, this time softer, wiping the tears that almost fall down. He never cries in front of everyone, especially his clients. It shows how he is actually weak. His clients need someone who knows how to handle their emotions so they will trust every suggestion Yixing gives to them.


“For not asking me what happened.”

It’s obviously not another client, Lu Han thinks, maybe girlfriend. He shrugs, “Everyone has their own problems. You may keep showing people that you’re tough and there’s nothing in this world can make you fall but you can’t possibly hide that forever. Someday you need to let it out too.”

Yixing plays with his fingers, not sure about the meaning behind Lu Han’s words. “No one would understand.”

“Well, try me.”

Yixing can hardly contain the amusement he feels at the quick reply Lu Han gives him. He wonders whether Lu Han is joking or serious so he shrugs it off and pretends he didn’t hear any of his words, “Have you told SM that you already have me as your solicitor?”

Lu Han rolls his eyes at the sudden turn of question again but he still answers, “Of course.”

“That’s good. At least you know how this works. We will just wait until SM calls us for mediation.”

“Mediation?” Lu Han waves his hand to yield that idea. “Why are you so sure about that? SM will obviously file this case to the court.”

“I’ve been working for four years to know exactly what type of company SM is. They don’t want to lose and beg you to come back to them. They will use many ways to press you down until you give up and agree to renew the contract.”

Lu Han shudders on his seat, shifting to make himself more comfortable. He doesn’t want to go back to the company. He has had enough.

“Can I trust you not to let me do that?”

Yixing straightens up his back on his seat and smiles; his dimple pops out in the cutest way Lu Han can ever imagine.

“I won’t let that happen.” He promises.


“It is obviously not his birthday.” Chanyeol says when Yixing asks why his senior, Cho Kyuhyun, is inviting all solicitors to lunch today. “And as far as I can remember he isn’t handling any case at the moment which means he isn’t going to celebrate something like he always does when he wins his clients’ heart.”

Yixing inhales deeply while cleaning up his desk. His session with Lu Han ends an hour ago with an agreement that Yixing always promises to his clients. This time it feels a little bit different. This case is new, his client drastic changes and wise words change his whole opinion of being a solicitor for four years, and he almost cried in front of him.

He slides the paper inside his drawer and takes his phone out. He exhales disgustedly.

“You look happier.” Chanyeol crosses his arms in front of his chest and grins at Yixing. “I’m glad Kyuhyun handed this case to you.”

“You are trying to kill me if you think I can handle this case.”

“You have to look at yourself right now. Lu Han’s case or Lu Han himself makes you appreciate your life more than before.”

Yixing finishes the last drop of Americano brought for him―it tastes better than Chanyeol’s recommendation and maybe if he doesn’t forget he will ask Lu Han where he bought it next time he meets him―and tosses the cup at the recycle bin a few inches away from him. He hums in approval when it goes into perfectly.

“Did I look like I despised my life before?”

Chanyeol taps Yixing’s shoulder lightly, “You know the answer better than me.”

He knows it perfectly just like how he knows the absolute solution to his clients’ needs and judging from the way Chanyeol easily told him that Yixing knows the answer, he realizes that Chanyeol also understands that Yixing never likes his job, just like how Lu Han smoothly pointed it right at their first meeting.

The weight of his phone in his pocket no longer feels like it’s going to eat him in any moment. He follows Chanyeol out of his room.

“By the way, I’m taking two days off next week.” Chanyeol informs.

“Why?” Yixing whines. “I can’t function without you.”

Chanyeol smiles widely, “That’s sweet actually but it won’t change my mind. My cousin’s wedding is next week. I promise to come.”

“Fine,” Yixing sighs. “But get your ass back as soon as you can.”

“Of course.” Chanyeol throws an arm around Yixing’s shoulder. “You know I can’t leave an old man like you suffering.”

“Go away you dumb.” Yixing pushes him away and laughs.

The cold December wind greets Yixing the moment he steps outside the office. He grits his teeth at the sudden coldness and reminds himself to start wearing something warm tomorrow to keep his weak immune away from unwanted disease. It won’t take a week until snow starts covering the street and dragging the pace of his work.

Yixing closes his eyes. He never adores winter.

The café Kyuhyun chooses is only a few blocks away from their office and it doesn’t take long for Yixing to feel warm again, spreading his fingers around his second mug of Americano for this day. He turns his phone on while waiting for his food to come, ignoring the noises coming from his friends.

He only knows Baekhyun, the new solicitor who entered the office in early October and took most case of divorces and obviously has a crush on Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, who Yixing thought would settle Lu Han’s case better than him, and Jongin, Kyungsoo’s personal assistant and boyfriend. He barely knows the rest of the group.

He checks recent phone call and sighs when his mom’s number displays on the screen. His phone vibrates suddenly and it jolts him forward to catch his phone he throws instinctively.

“I need your help.”

It’s Lu Han.

He starts typing the reply but erases it after a few words and screams internally because he doesn’t know what to say. What kind of help Lu Han needs from him besides his case?

“Is something wrong?”

Lu Han’s reply is fast.

“When will you drop that annoying attitude? Quick. Black or blue?” And with it, Lu Han sends a picture of two ties, one black and the other blue.

Yixing shakes his head and bites the inside of his cheek to hide the smile that starts to form on his face. He fails.

“What annoying attitude? And where are you going?”

“You’re too formal. I’m one of the nominees for tonight’s Seoul Music Award. You should be proud to have a client like me.”

He grimaces at that and types, “Black is good.”

“Both black and you are boring. I can’t date you if you know nothing about fashion.”

Lu Han knows what he is going to choose and he still asks Yixing for his opinion just to flirt with him. Lu Han never changes, Yixing should’ve known that. He stops typing as he feels someone nudging his foot under the table.

“Girlfriend?” Kyuhyun smiles as he tries to peek at Yixing’s phone.

“What―” Yixing stares respectively at his phone and Kyuhyun and fakes a laugh. “No. What makes you think like that?”

“Never saw you smiling before.” Kyuhyun shrugs and tilts his head. “You better call her. Texting won’t get you anywhere.”

“Uh, well―”

“Take your time.” Kyuhyun shoves him away and mouths you’re welcome.

Yixing grits his teeth when the strong wind greets him back outside the café, cursing to himself for choosing the place to run away from his friends’ questioning stares. He holds his phone tightly and considers whether it’s okay if he wants to call Lu Han.

He presses the phone to his ear and starts to walk in circle, waiting for Lu Han to pick it up.

“You call me.” Yixing can hear Lu Han’s sharp intake of breath. It confounds his mind and makes him forget the reason why he calls him as if he really has a reason at the first place.

“Well, hello too―”

“Black or blue?”

“It doesn’t matter. You will choose blue anyway.”

“Your opinion matters.” Lu Han is smiling, Yixing can tell and he hates how he knows that. “I have rehearsal to do. You better choose now.”

“Black looks good on you.”

“Everything looks good on me.” Lu Han corrects him.


Lu Han laughs and the sound rings to Yixing’s ear. “Hey, don’t forget to watch me tonight or you will miss the chance to see me winning all those awards.”

“You won’t.”

“We’ll see.” Lu Han retorts. “Oh, before you end this call, I can’t meet you until next week.”

“Why?” Yixing almost complains. Almost.

“Why? Are you afraid you will miss me? Well, I’ll miss you too if that makes you feel better―”

“Goodbye.” Yixing ends the call and shoves his phone back to his pocket.

He lets out the breath he doesn’t realize he is holding and smiles, feeling warm inside and outside. Lu Han doesn’t call him back. It’s good because Yixing doesn’t even know what to say to him anymore if he does. It’s already embarrassing to realize that he just called Lu Han and he doesn’t want to bury himself alive for not knowing how to act to Lu Han’s flirts.

He slumps back to his seat beside Kyuhyun who frowns at him. “Are you sick?”

Yixing frowns back to him and starts eating his food.

“But you look red. If you aren’t sick then…” Kyuhyun snaps his finger. “You’re in love, of course. You called your girlfriend just now.”
Yixing chokes on his food which makes Kyuhyun panic and offer him a glass of water.

“It’s cold outside.” At least he isn’t lying. It doesn’t make sense to hear Kyuhyun jumping into conclusion when it’s pretty clear Yixing didn’t call his girlfriend. It’s just Lu Han and he isn’t in love with him.

He pretends he doesn’t realize how his heart accelerates and see the way Chanyeol wiggling his eyebrows at him.

Later that night, Yixing gets home after excusing himself out of his friends’ suggestion to spend the night to drink in one of their favorite bars at town. He curls himself to his blanket and sits on the couch after taking a warm shower. He doesn’t remember the last time he watched TV but he is glad he can spare some time to do that now.

He knows he is late, Seoul Music Award starts half an hour ago, but he doesn’t see anything will go wrong if he just watches the rest of it. He is perfectly on time when the MC just announces that Lu Han wins the best album of the year. The camera follows Lu Han to the stage and his heart skips a beat when Lu Han turns around to face the audience.

Lu Han wears the black tie he suggested earlier that day and he is right, he looks good on everything.

Yixing swallows hard, his eyes never leaving Lu Han’s figure until he disappears to the backstage. Lu Han doesn’t mention his name in his thanks-to speech, of course he won’t, Yixing is new in his life and he doesn’t do anything to help making Lu Han’s career shine, but he will admit that he is slightly happy to see Lu Han considering his opinion.

He falls to sleep on the couch in the middle of the show and misses his name being called out when Lu Han wins the best song of the year.


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